American adults want to travel!  Almost 6 out of 10 adults said they expect to take at least one leisure trip in the next 6 months.  These figures are updated all the time as more and more us of want to get out and explore.  Yet were are people traveling? Top Countries –Brazil, Scotland, Sweden, […]

The rise of online booking and DIY (do it yourself) travel resources has… in many ways… has made travel easier  You can compare fares, book hotel rooms at the last minute and find guides all on your own.  YET…. here are 4 ways a travel professional… JEAC  Travel & Tours, can still save you time […]

Plane crashes are every travelers worst nightmare. They are NOT that common, yet captivate us and stir our concerns. For those of you who think there is no reason to look at the safety briefing card or listen to the safety demonstration… think again. Look at the successful rescue of Flight 1549 which landed safely […]

Just because you have a confirmation number… doesn’t mean you wont be ‘bumped’. It is becoming increasingly  common as planes are filled to near capacity and alternative flights grow more scarce. Nearly 600,000 passengers with confirmed reservations were left at the boarding gate in 2012 through NO FAULT of their own. Approximately 59,000 passengers were […]

It is normal for travelers to secure their Europeon vacation 6 months or more in advance. Since summer is a popular time to visit Europe, planning ahead can help you stretch your budget and you will have a better chance to book your first choice of flights, hotels and activities. Late in the calendar year […]

A common question n is…”when I get off the ship in a foreign   port, can I rent a car and explore on my own?”  You can… yet there are many reasons why you should NOT.   The 1st reason is the expense.  Theft & collision damage are mandatory when renting in a foreign  county  By […]

BEFORE YOU GO Scope out your destination – Ask if your hotel and nearby attractions are wheelchair accessible and if your hotel has backup electricty. Can nearby medical facilities handle your condition in an emergency? Work with your travel agent – Your travel agent can provide information to assist you in making the necessary arrangements […]

The Caribbean Sea is one of the worlds most alluring bodies of water… a rare gem among all the earths oceans… defined by the islands that form a chain of lovely jewels scattered to the north and east. If there is one word that best describes the Caribbean islands it is “unhurried” Doe it all […]

There are many misconceptions out there about travel agents and the possible demise of them. Travel agents have been planning travel for client since an Englishman named Thomas Cook started organizing rail trips in 1841… and we are just as busy as ever. Fact is 51 % of booked travel in the United States is […]

All persons traveling by air outside the United States are required or present a passport or other valid document to enter another country and to re-enter the US.